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How to Burnout-Proof Your Life

Feel like you’re burning the candle at both ends? Is “busy” your badge of honor? Does stress seem inevitable and work-life balance feel unreachable? The demands on our lives can pull us in multiple directions, placing our health on the back burner, often leaving us feeling like we’re on a constant hamster wheel of chronic “doing.” This dynamic can make it challenging to lead yourself and others effectively.

Life doesn't have to be overcommitted and you don't need to compromise your health. During this 1-hour program, put the brakes on “busy-ness,” and gain steps you can take immediately to successfully prevent burnout and happily experience the benefits of elevated health, vitality, and performance.

As a participant in this program, you will:
  • Identify a powerful precursor to work-life balance
  • Pinpoint essential elements for you to lead your way to ignite your energy and avoid burnout
  • Devise a compelling vision for your desired level of well-being

Creating Sanity Within Adversity

Adversity can occur in many forms, from family and friend circumstances, to working conditions, and even global situations. The ability to lead ourselves, be nimble and keep our wits about us as we move through such challenges, is critical to our effectiveness and mental health.

In this 1-hour program, obtain approaches and resources that will support you and your employees, whether you work environment is on-site, remote or hybrid.

As a participant in this program, you will:
  • Recognize what can block your sanity in trying times
  • Discover four avenues for leading yourself sanely
  • Identify ways of doing and being to positively respond and progress, and
  • Receive relevant resources, share strengths, and clarify priorities through interactive discussion.

Presence at Work: Direct Your Attention Toward Success

Do you find yourself lacking focus and concentration in work? Does miscommunication sometimes occur? Do you feel you could be operating more effectively and with less stress?

Mindfulness – being intentionally present – may be the answer. Through interactive discussion and activities in this 1 hour program, you will explore and apply mindfulness concepts and recognize the potential benefits of applying mindfulness at work.

As a participant in this program, you will:
  • Become informed on mindfulness and why to use mindfulness vs. multitasking
  • Experience three sample mindfulness practices
  • Identify ways to implement mindfulness toward improving your attention to your work, your colleagues and your clients

Taking Control of Stress

For individuals, the stress meter has many opportunities to escalate and ‘see red.’ With a tendency to become all-consuming, this situation can negatively impact your health, relationships, work and home life. In this 1 hour program, learn to feel in control of your day, rather than by events and circumstances. Open up to new ways of managing your energy and stress. Leave this interactive session with a new perspective and helpful action tips to reground, re-engage and recharge.

As a participant in this program, you will:
  • Bring awareness your stressors in and out of work and how they’re affecting you in general, in your professional role, and those around you
  • Identify health reasons to reduce your stress
  • Recognize and select ways of being that help with your stress management
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