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Ignition Book

Ignition Book

About the Book, Ignition

The badge of honor in being chronically busy is rampant in our society. Professional women with their infinite to-do lists, striving to do it all, burning themselves out in the process. It doesn’t need to be or stay this way. We can perform effectively in ways that don’t compromise our health and well-being.

Ignition: A Professional Woman’s Guide to Energized, Burnout-Proof Living is a personal growth book that ushers women into igniting their energy and avoiding burnout. Chris Vasiliadis, whose multiple sclerosis diagnosis indirectly led to launching her health coaching career, wrote Ignition to help women press pause, re-evaluate the “hamster wheel” of chronic overdoing that is unsustainable and sidelining their health, and instead choose ways of doing and being that elevate their performance. In its three parts, using exercises, questions, tips and women’s stories, readers craft their own path through Ignition’s elements, ultimately creating a customized ninety-day action plan for energizing and burnout-proofing their ways of living.

Ignition Endorsements

“A thoughtful, impactful treatment of a topic that scares a lot of us. How do we focus on our own wellness? Where do we start? Chris addresses these subjects with love and compassion, keeping it simple and approachable. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Ignition, and found it to be very user-friendly. It allows the reader to do as much as she feels able to at the time, also knowing that there are more ideas in the book to refer back to. Ignition never feels overwhelming or implies ‘you must do all of these things’.”

~ Leah Carey, Leadership and Organization Development Consultant and Coach, Entrepreneur, Author, parallelminds.com.


“Easy to use, warm, encouraging, practical, empowering, engaging and inspiring.  I’ll be recommending Ignition to clients and especially like that they can choose specific areas of focus depending on what is most pressing.”

~ Deb Busser, Executive Leadership Coach, energyspringleadership.com


“Ignition is packed with helpful ideas and information. I’ve already put a few ideas into practice toward accomplishing my top goals.”

~ Susan Altman, Managing Editor in policy journalism

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Once you have your copy of Ignition, for added camaraderie with other readers in moving through the book and implementing its principles, join the Facebook group Women Igniting Energized Burnout-Proof Living.  As part of that group, you’ll also get details about how you and your friends can have Chris remotely conference into your book group or ladies night in to discuss Ignition.

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