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A Webinar for Professional Women
from Solopreneurs and Entrepreneurs
to Individual Contributors and Corporate Leaders

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Chris Vasiliadis,

National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach

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Are you a businesswoman who is chronically stressed and depleted
from your life’s demands and various roles? Are you stuck or scattered
in the whirl of “busy-ness?”

You know there must be a better way to be successful

… but what exactly is that way?

You want a way that is both sustainable and that allows you to live and
perform without burnout and with more energy, vitality, and engagement.

There is a way out!

As a “recovering Type-A personality” myself, I have figured out, taught and coached others through this alternative.

You can burnout-proof your life in a straightforward and uncomplicated (and even fun) manner. You can “life craft” your life raft instead of treading water or feeling submerged from all your to-dos. You can learn what to prioritize now, where you have control, and to exponentially elevate your well-being, personally and professionally.

Yes, it’s possible!

Trying harder is not the answer and can be a recipe for burnout.

In this webinar you will learn:

1. WHERE TO START: A powerful, compelling approach to move toward burnout-proof living.

2. WHAT TO USE: Gain awareness of five essential elements to use as your levers in creating burnout-proof living.

3. HOW TO BE CONSISTENT: in maintaining your way of burnout-proof living.

In following these steps, you will feel routinely steady, energetic, sane, and in command of your life, health, and happiness.

It takes being open to new ways of doing and being, and the willingness to experiment, stretch and grow your capabilities.

I’ve witnessed these principles working successfully for my clients in over 12 years of running my business, Priority Wellness. I’ve also personally used these concepts to help me be relapse-free from multiple sclerosis (MS) for over 14 years. In fact, my MS diagnosis ignited my focus on my well-being, turned around how I directed and ran my life, and led me to this profession to help others enhance and prioritize their wellness.

My specialty and passion is helping professional women perform at their best on what matters most without burning themselves out.

On this webinar, I'll share everything I possibly can on how to live a burnout-proof life.

This webinar is also an introduction to my upcoming Ignite Burnout-Proof Living Program for businesswomen starting in April.

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