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Certified Wellness Coach Certified Wellness Coach Certified Wellness Coach














Re-energize your well-being and re-engage with your life.

Priority Wellness provides coaching and training services, specializing in professional women who are unhappy with their current state of wellness. Instill mindful lifestyle actions that elevate your health and well-being. Reduce stress and feel more grounded. Lose weight and/or inches to help you function at your best. Decrease your chances of repeating the cycle of high blood pressure, cholesterol or diabetes in your family. Become energized and focused to perform at your highest level of engagement and contribution.

Ready to Change the Story of your Health and Wellness?

A life of health and wellness is:

  • Nourishing
  • Engaging
  • Present/Focused
  • Fueled/Energized
  • Intentional/Purposeful

With a life of health and wellness, the gifts you’re able to give yourself and others are endless:

  • Exist with integrity
  • Be authentic/real
  • Lead from a place of being grounded, calm and steady
  • Feel in control
  • Operate with clarity and ease
  • Evoke compassion for yourself and others

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When you operate in this state, you see more solutions and perspectives. It’s clear where and when you need to take action. You’re more calm and even. You have consistent energy and resilience. You enjoy life more, and are a better person to be around.

You consistently perform at your best, by consciously leading your life instead of being led/in react mode more often than not

Aim for the Level of Well-Being You Want.

It starts with clarifying an image of your wellness. Your picture, your priorities, your creation.

We bring no personal agenda, no judgment, no cookie-cutter solution.

Instead, expect a passionate commitment, a genuine curiosity, and powerful empathy to:

  • Uncover your vision for your well-being,
  • Discover and apply your unique strengths to move you forward, and
  • Coach you, step by step, through the ebb and flow of achieving your best possible outcome.

Be Well.

Regain and reclaim your energy. Own your wellness. De-stress.

Experience the amazing and powerful ripple effect on all parts of your life when you take control of your wellness.

Run your life in ways that allow you to have a healthy life.

Master your well-being via Wellness Coaching with a Certified professional.

“You will never find time for anything. If you want time you must make it.”
-Charles Buxton

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Chris Vasiliadis, M.Ed., Certified Health and Wellness Coach
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